Service terms and conditions

By using the services of EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC, placing orders online or by phone or by signing the document of expedition (Shipping Document), the sender (and associated receiver if it places the order) acknowledges, agrees and undertakes to comply with the terms and conditions below:
  1. EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC - both parcel and shipping services use both its own logistics and a subcontracted services in order to perform its activity for door to door shipping and international shipping in Europe.
  2. From the moment your hand us or our subcontractors you shipments you agree with transport and handling methods and also with prices and penalties established by EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC.
  3. Estimated time of delivery provided at the time of your order is not guaranteed it’s estimated time, given the complexity of operations and delays that may occur in international transit. EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC makes constant efforts to keep the estimated shipping time and to avoid the occurrence of delays.
  4. When you schedule a pick up with us at a chosen date and time is considered a preferred time it can not be guaranteed by us. EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC will make every effort to meet your request but if there are any problems and your scheduled pick up can not be met that day because of EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC or its subcontractors , your order of picking up a package can be rescheduled without additional charge, the next day or another day at your convenience.
  5. It is mandatory that you place your order with us ( online or phone ) after knowing all the details about all individuals and addresses involved , the number of packages, their accurate weight and their size in inches or centimeters.
  6. If EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC or our subcontractors notice any differences of weight and/or dimensions when receiving your shipment, charges will be applied according to the correct weight and dimensions of your shipments. If need, additional costs could be charged at receiver, also this might lead to shipping delays or surcharges if your shippings don’t follow all our requirements regarding wight and dimensions.
  7. Shipping costs are based on the weight (actual or volumetric ), dimensions of your shipment, shipping delivery and pick-up addresses, to manage the weight and size differences between the initial statement from the time of placing your order and receiving it to our warehouse and due to possibility of additional costs accompanying the expedition during its execution, EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC parcel service releases documents accompanying the shipping and invoices in advance until reception and we can release the final bill/invoice. Documents can be accessed from sender’s customer account or are provided in electronic format by email.
  8. EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC can not be held responsible if the details you provided for your shippings are not correct. Providing incorrect or incomplete information about : sender and receiver names, complete address (sender and receiver) , contact telephone numbers (sender and receiver) may cause delays or our inability to make the shipping.
  9. Always take in consideration the list of prohibited goods for international transport and handling made by EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC. Also take in consideration limited liability products, the correct way of packing, protecting and labeling clearly displayed on our website.
  10. You agree that the reason to open and inspect the contents of your shipping(applies to any national or international authorities, including customs authorities). Opening packages is based on a verbal process with one of EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC representatives.
  11. Due to strict customs regulations, legislation on international transit of goods in EU countries, customs duties and public health restrictions we do not accept transportation:
    • Cigarettes and tobacco related beverages (cigarettes, cigars, tobacco shed, unmanufactured tobacco, etc.)
    • Alcoholic beverages of any kind, including low-alcohol (any kind of wine, brandy, grappa, brandy, liquor, beer and other products containing alcohol, including those made in house or purchased from authorized merchants, regardless of the packaging)
    • Perishable food products - any kind of meat and meat products - fresh or smoked, bacon, ham, pastrami, salami, sausage, sausages, meat fat or other kinds of perishable goods of this kind, regardless of packaging, dairy products, cheese, cheese and any similar products, vegetables and fruits including whether these are packed in vacuum. We accept only canned products (canned in metal or plastic containers and not those in glass jars, etc) and the imperishable range. If packages taken from Romania are accepted as just cardboard packages (not bags, suitcases or raffia bags) unpacked or uncoated paper in order to to be checked and resealed.
    • PRODUCTS PROHIBITED BY LAW - Firearms, ammunition, explosives, volatile, radioactive, toxic waste and livestock manure or human or animal secretions, drugs of any kind and similar pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and surgical requiring special transportation, material pornographic or associated weapons (or sharp edges that could pierce, cut, hurt, injury).
    • ANY PRODUCTS that may harm the integrity of transport, logistics, and personnel and other maneuver INCLUDING SHIPPINGS who oppose protection rules of work, FIRE prevention, environmental protection or in sanitary and public health issues.
  12. By its subcontractors or its representatives EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC has the right to refuse to handle a shipping and taking the orders placed online or by phone, by some clients in the following cases: inappropriate behavior or offensive sender or receiver or any other person involved in the shipment, either to our customer service representative, employees or subcontractors of EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC.
  13. By its employees, delegates or subcontractors, EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC has the right to deny handling a shipping (all the packages or cargo) and/or honoring the orders placed online or by phone, of some clients in the following cases:
    • Inappropriate or abusive behavior from sender or others involved against call center employees other employees or subcontractors of EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC.
    • The complete shipping and all its requirements are not ready at the time set for pickup or delivery to EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC. Envelopes, parcels, packages or freight are not packed properly, are not tightly closed and sealed, have no labels with the complete details of the receiver.
    • Fragile items are not packed or protected properly; are not properly labeled with the specification FRAGILE ( these lead to deterioration of fragile products)
    • EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC workers have the suspicion that the sender does not comply with the restrictions of contents and did not declare true or complete contents of the shipping or that shipping contains prohibited goods specified in paragraph 11. The employees or courier EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC or its subcontractors may request the sender to open and check the content. Your refusal can lead to cancellation of the order.
    • The sender did not make the full payment for the shipping , including a recalculation according to weight and dimensions identified in deposits EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC , and for the additional insurance (if opted so) . We are entitled to cancel the shipping if the receiver refuses to pay at the delivery.
    • The packages or fragile products does not meet the specifications required by our company regarding packaging, or the content is not properly protected or labeled the receivers details are not complete or accurate contravenes to public order or morality.
    • If after picking up your parcels and checking them we will be certain that they contain prohibited goods or do not comply with the legal restrictions imposed by the service or EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC
    • If after picking up the packages, we notice that they have produced or may cause imminent harm to other handled shippings, means of transport and logistics, EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC or its contractors, endanger the health of involved personnel, environment, are contrary to the rules of work protection, fire prevention or public health.
  14. The sender (and associated receiver - if he/she places an order) understands that if the shipping (or its components) will be retained by the legal authorities (customs authority, police, health authorities, tax authorities) because they don’t comply with customs laws and regulations, transit and international transport and the sanitary veterinary and public health - will be full responsible for this and for retrieving it. The company EZ CARGO sHIPPING LLC or its subcontractors are exempt from any liability in this situation.
  15. The sender ( and associated receiver ) agrees to pay for the shipment listed on the document accompanying the expedition ( Airway Bill - AWB ) including correction fees according to the weight and dimensions of the actual price of packages and additional costs recorded objectively ( reprogramming , repackaging , storing , penalties , etc. ). EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC prices are clearly displayed on the specific page on this website, expedition price is given at the time of placing an online order and the final price is calculated according to the optimal weight ( the highest between the real weight and the volumetric weight) , depending on the service you chose and the delivery address . Additional costs are clearly included in the accompanying documents and invoice and the amount shall be clearly displayed in the relevant sections of this website. Payment can be made depending on the service used : online ( with credit card through Paypal ) at the time when placing an order , cash when picking up your order ( in USD in the United States or RON Romania ) , cash on delivery ( cash in EUR or USD based on the country where the delivery is made ) or at the bank.
  16. When requesting payment of the shipment at destination (cash on delivery, COD) , recipient of the shipment is responsible to pay ( cash in RON in Romania or USD in the U.S.). If the recipient can not pay or refuse to pay , the shipment will not be delivered and will remain in custody of EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC or its subcontractors in the course of 15 days, expecting payment for performing delivery or handing over to the receiver. After 15 days stipulated by the regulation, the company EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC will notify both parties, both sender and receiver (by phone, email or by post) on imposing penalty storage $20.00 + tax also payable in cash together with the initial cost of the shipment. If in the next 15 days from notice the shipping in question is not paid , along with penalty of storage, it remains the property of EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC , to cover the costs of transportation and storage. If the sender requests, the shipment in question may be returned ( in maximum 30 days according to regulations) if is payed all shipping cost both for delivery and return together with penalties.
  17. The sender (and associated receiver - if he/she places an order) takes full responsibility on packaging, protection, labeling and the accuracy of the details provided regarding the shipment: the way of the expedition (envelope, parcel, pallet), the exact number of packages, actual weight in pounds, the exact dimensions in centimeters, full name, address and full contact details for the parties involved (sender and receiver).
  18. EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC - parcel service is fully exonerated of any responsibility in the cases listed in paragraph 17 and due to which the following situations appear:
    • order can not be kept or has delays in delivery due to wrong details submitted at time of order , the names , addresses or phone numbers are incorrect.
    • the shipping or its parts (envelopes , parcels , pallets ) are damaged or lost during shipping to EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC or its subcontractors due to not declaring the actual number of packages of not respecting the restrictions of weight, size or content.
    • expedition or its parts (envelopes , parcels , pallets ) are lost or damaged during delivery to EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC or its subcontractors due to faulty packaging and compliant with the specifications imposed by EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC on specific pages of this website , improper sealing , labeling, not specifying Fragile or poor labeling, and who do not follow instructions EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC.
  19. Sender explicitly express consent to liens of EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC a shipment or consignment to be shipped until full payment of all transportation costs and penalties recorded.
  20. Partial loss of components or partial deterioration of an expedition draws partial fault of company EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC, the amount provided by the insurance indemnity is paid divided by the percentage of loss or damage recorded. The maximum limit provided is divided by the number of components and is also considering weight or value, damaged, or lost part.
  21. EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC has established a mandatory procedure to be followed in case of complaints registered about the services, the damage suffered during custody or total or partial loss of shipments.
    Depending on the case, the receiver or the sender , must register electronically by email a official complaint no later than 48 hours (two days) after signing for receipt and delivery of the shipment ( or expected date of delivery ,if all the shipment is missing ) . Finding visible damage , stealing of content or partial losses can be made since the time of delivery is mentioned this when signing for receipt . Deterioration or damage hidden or invisible at first glance can be identified upon receipt and must be reported within 48 hours (two days).
    WARNING ! Complaints recorded after 48 hours will not be taken into account , whatever the reasons given . If the receiver can not verify the integrity of the expedition at time of delivery, this can be solved by the person / persons who receive the actual expedition and signs for the packages.
    Complaints concerning the company EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC or its subcontractors shall be registered only directly to the company EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC LTD at 45-52 , 43rd Street , Sunnyside, New York, 11104 including whether dissatisfaction , deterioration or loss occurred at subcontractors.
    The complaint is recorded electronically by email to the address specified
    The complaint filed in electronic format by email must include the complaint form / claim full format ( which you can find on our website) and required documents in form ( send as email attachments ) on the state and deterioration degree ( send explicit and clear pictures ) and on the amount of content (invoices , receipts , cash receipts , online confirmations or links to the replacement value of the product / products damaged or missing ). The form includes the applicant's bank details to process the payment of compensation within the limit stipulated by the insurance paid.
    If you don’t have all the details about products value or evidences about the deterioration degree of the shipment , you can add them to the complaint within 15 days of registration.
    The complaint is processed and investigated within 30 days from filling the complete complaint and the resolution, amount of compensation and the decision is communicated to the applicant by email.
  22. EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC - parcel service is not liable and does not provide compensation for:
    • indirect or special loss damage ( loss of profits, revenue , auctions etc. . ) suffered by both parts of expedition ( sender / receiver ) because justified delays or order cancelations.
    • delays or losses in cases of force major.
    • magnetic or electrical damages, deleting records or images.
    • injury or damage occurred during movement , handling , loading or unloading of packages by the sender or receiver or their representatives.
    • loss was the fault of goods which by their nature favors breaking, leaking, rusting, self-ignition, decomposition, parasites obsolescence or action. Numbering or labeling the packages was insufficient or unsatisfactory, packaging did not follow instructions.
    • deterioration due to the degree of fragility of the expedition or part of it in accordance with the characteristics of goods (fragile degree of stacking, positioning mandatory arrows above WARNING GLASS, etc)
    • shipments received and signed by without notifying the carrier (EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC and not its subcontractors) of any injury or damage. EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC (excluding its subcontractors) was not notified about deterioration or damage in within 48 hours of delivery (or at the date specified for delivery)
  23. Shipments that can not be delivered to the address at receivers fault (is not at the address , moved , can not be found or contacted ) will be kept in custody of EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC or its subcontractors or agency couriers / local workers during for 15 days.
    After 15 days EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC shall notify the parties ( sender / receiver ) addresses or known contact details (email , telephone ) on imposing penalty of 20.00 USD ( excl. VAT) for storage and expedition will be returned to sender with the imposition of the costs for the round trip and the penalty for storage.
    If the sender does not accept or can not get the expedition in question within 15 days of notification, the expedition and its components and contents automatically enter the property of EZ CARGO SHIPPING to recover the costs of transport and storage without any formal notification.
  24. EZ CARGO SHIPPING LLC is a limited liability company ( LLC ) registered in the United States and subject to U.S. laws and authorities. For legal actions may be quoted in U.S. courts. Subpoenas are received at the registered office of 45-52, 43rd Street, Sunnyside, New York 11104, USA