It has never been easier to receive your USA shoppings at home.

Buy what you love from USA

You can buy whatever you like from USA stores with your own shipping address in the U.S.A.


Advantages of this service:

  1. You can make your own shopping in USA and received it by your door in Romania at lowest prices. You can buy clothes, toys, furniture, computers or any other products, we’ll handle the shipping and customs!
  2. Do you run a business and you want to have suppliers from USA ? Do you want to buy equipment, materials, supplies or tools much cheaper than in Romania? Then we will ship them to your business in Romania, handle all customs documentation and offer you free expert advice if needed.

For the "Personal Shopper" service please contact us at the United States phone number / address

Most of USA stores don’t ship outside USA or have really high rates for shipping in Europe. With E-Z Shipping you can buy from any USA store because you’ll have your own shipping address in USA. Order whatever you like and ship it at our New York address and after that you’ll receive your shopping at your door in Romania.

If you want to order from a store and it doesn’t accept international debit or credit cards we can help you do your shopping using personal shopper services. We will place the order for you after a 25% upfront payment ( via PayPal in the "" account ) and after your shopping reaches our New York office you will have it to your door in 7-10 days. The remaining amount of your shopping will be payed at delivery.