Buy what you love from USA - How does it work?

It has never been easier, faster and cheaper to send packages at your home address

Join experienced shipping company! Our team has over 20 years experience in international shipping. During registration we will ask a series of simple questions to help us confirm your identity, to avoid frauds and we will activate your account immediately. We assure you that all the information you provide will be treated with the utmost seriousness and are secured. As soon as you finish filling in the registration form you will receive a delivery address where you will be able to buy whatever you like from USA stores.

Now you can buy anything! Choose from thousands of online stores in the U.S., including auction sites like, famous stores like Saks Fifth Avenue or even small stores from It doesn’t matter what store you choose to shop from as long as it delivers to an USA address and accepts international cards. For the stores that do not accept international cards you can always use our Personal Shopper services!

As an member you have lots of advantages to make your online shopping more pleasant:

  1. You can subscribe to receive our newsletters with offers from the largest stores.
  2. You will have access at sales coupons.
  3. We can help you to find the best prices for the products you’re looking for.
  4. We can recommend the best stores to do your shopping.
  5. We can offer advice of how you can pay smaller SALES TAX.

Do you need advice for your shopping? Contact us, we are eager to help!

Usually when you make purchases from USA online stores you will have a Billing Address (the address associated with your debit or credit card) and a Shipping Address (the address where you want your shopping to be delivered).

At Checkout put in the delivery address from and choose one of the shipping options provided by the seller ( the store ). Don’t forget to check if you have any discount coupons for your shopping.

Useful tips:

  • choose as invoicing currency USD ($) to get a lower exchange rate. Visa or MasterCard exchange rates are usually higher than that charged by bonks on your card.
  • contact your bank and try to add on your card as a billing address the same address as the shipping address from your account (some stores don’t accept different billing and shipping addresses)

If you have any problems placing an order because the Billing Address does not match the Shipping Address ( in case you use your default billing address from your card) contact us for Personal Shopper services.

As soon as your order reaches our USA office we will send you a text message ( on your Romanian phone no ) and an e-mail. Also we will tell you who the shipper is, the weight and dimensions of your package.

Our staff will carefully check each package and will notify you if the packaging is damaged and also if the merchandise is damaged. Also we can return to the shipper the products if they come with any defects if you want us to check the contents of your package.

As an member you can access your account 24/7, you can log in to follow your parcel status and description. In addition you can benefit from the following services:

  • we can scan and send you the documents accompanying the goods from each one of your packages.
  • we can divide or consolidate parcels for an additional fee, if you have more orders in a week and you want to save money on shipping.

However, our Customer Service representatives will contact you by phone if you have multiple packages and will let you know how we can help.

Before shipping your packages in Romania you have to fill out the online inventory form for the customs declaration and send us the receivers identity card. You can do this from your online account - here besides of filling the inventory you have to declare the value of the contents from your package.

We will provide an estimate of custom fees based on your declared value and you will pay the final amount when you will receive your package in Romania. ( the customs fees are payable at the courier or when picking up your package ).

  • all packaging is checked before leaving our office and if necessary we can pack them better or consolidate multiple packages in order to save money for shipping and handling
  • all customs forms will be completed by the receiver or the sender
  • every package is insured
  • we can provide additional packaging if you have fragile merchandise

You will receive e-mail and text message notifications when you package leaves USA, when it arrives in Romania and when it’s out for delivery with FanCurier.

This is the fastest shipping method, with low prices for receiving your package home from USA in Romania.